Why Choose TimeAcct SEMRT

Years of Experience / Millions of Patient Records

 The SEMRT team has many years of experience in accessing EMR databases and helping clinics move from one EMR to another.  TimeAcct has helped clinics migrate Millions of patient records between many different EMRs right across the country.  We have written an EMR from scratch and all of our data conversion experts have worked for at least one EMR vendor in the past. We have the most experience of any independant vendor, working with a wider range of EMRs than any other company in Canada! 

Choice of Governments and Medical Associations 

We are the choice for EMR data related issues by government agencies and medical associations across the country!  We have done work for PITO in British Columbia, POSP in Alberta, PHIM in Nova Scotia and OntarioMD in Ontario.  We have won various RFP bids - including being selected by OntarioMD for all their EMR data conversion work.  As well, we have been selected by the Ontario Medical Association as an approved bidder on their i4C (Insights for Care) initiative.  When it comes to EMR Data, TimeAcct is the most trusted name in the industry!

A Proven / Trusted / Reliable Process

 The SEMRT Two Pass Conversion process is a tried and tested process that has been used in hundreds of data conversions across Canada.  We believe it offers the clinics the best choice in moving their data from their current EMR to their new EMR.  It allows the clinic to be as involved as they want to be - providing more opportunities to review the data during the conversion process and custom development to make sure that the data is exactly as they want it.  It is the use of the SEMRT EMR Data Viewer application that allows a clinic to review their data in a way that makes sense.  Not staring at database fields - but using a real application to lookup and easily view a patient's medical record.  No one else offers this level of clinic involvement during the process!

A Powerful EMR Specific Data Toolset

TimeAcct has developed a very unique EMR data access/extraction/conversion toolset that is the core of our Secure Electronic Medical Record Transfer (SEMRT) services.  It has been tried, tested and has produced very successful results across Canada since 2003.  It has the ability to extract data from any EMR in Canada, split it by doctor, combine clinics, act as a Archving solution, export to many standard exports, etc. 

Represent the Clinic - not the Vendor 

Another difference with the TimeAcct SEMRT approach is that we represent the Clinic - not the vendor or any other outside agency.  We can help the clinic with any questions about the data or process, clarify issues between the clinic and either the current or new EMR vendor, and provide the clinic with clear, helpful advice.  We believe that by taking this approach, the clinic gets the best data conversion possible - and the new EMR vendor starts off their relationship with a happy customer.  We are there to not only help the clinic move their data to the new EMR vendor, but with our vast expience we can help the clinic navigate any obsticles that may occur. 

We have written an EMR from Scratch

The TimeAcct SEMRT team has written an EMR from scratch.  We wrote the National Medical Solutions EMR that was marketed and sold in Alberta and British Columbia.  This has formed a solid base of knowledge of not only what clinics are looking for, but how EMR vendors operate, their data stores and the challenges they face in dealing with data from other vendors.  No other independant vendor has this level of knowledge!   

Vendor Neutral 

As an independant company, we are vendor neutral.  We will work happily with any EMR vendor to make sure you get the best possible data conversion.  We have worked with most vendors in the country, either bringing data to them - or moving it from their EMRs to others.  The vendors know we are neutral and are not taking customers away from them.  We do not get involved until the clinic has already decided to move to a new EMR provider.  As such we can usually gain a fair degree of co-operation from your current EMR vendor in the process. 

Work Across Canada from Coast to Coast

TimeAcct is not a regional player - we are national.  We operate across Canada from coast to coast.  We have data extract specialists across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.  Many other vendors only operate in one or two provinces, we work everywhere in Canada!  

Price Comparison

When you compare our prices to what is offered by EMR vendors, you will be plesantly surprised.  Not only does the SEMRT team offer the best quality in data extraction/conversion in Canadas, we also offer the best value!  While some EMR vendors charge $3,000 per doctor (and in some cases $6,000 per doctor) - our prices come in much lower, especially for larger clinics.  

Our Deliverables

When other companies perform an EMR data extraction/conversion.  You may get your data moved across to the new EMR - but that is about it.  With the SEMRT process we actually have a list of deliverables that are part of our standard conversion package.  We will not only help you move your data across to your new EMR, but at the end of the process we will provide an encrypted hard drive with the following items:
     1. The orignal full data from your current EMR
     2. The data we provided to the new EMR vendor in whatever format they have requested
     3. The data we extracted from the current EMR in a documented database, along with one license of our SEMRT Viewer
This provides a full audit trail of the data conversion and allows us to help you in the future if there are any data related concerns.  We are able to track down exactly where any missing data might be, after the go live, and the reasons for it - and help you deal with the vendors to help correct the situation. 

The SEMRT Viewer / EMR Data Archving Solution

The SEMRT Viewer is an application that we use to review the data extraction with the clinic.  It is also used as a EMR Data Archive solution for retiring doctors - and is the only completely stand alone compliant solution in Canada for electronic medical records.  At the end of the conversion process we provide one license of the SEMRT Viewer that will work with the Extracted database provided in our deliverables.  This application allows the clinic to search for and lookup their patient records by name, health card, and birth date.  It then displays the entire patient medical record allowing the user to view everything from demographics, chart notes, attachments, medications, allergies, alerts, medical history, etc.  It allows the user to print the patient records to a printer, PDF, Image file, etc.  It also provides the ability to query the Extracted data, with a built in query tool.