SEMRT EMR Selection Service

Choosing your New EMR 

Selecting your next EMR is a huge decision for most clinics.  It is what you use to run you business and record your medical encounters - and it usually means entering a multi-year contract with the vendor you choose.  This is an area where TimeAcct, and its unique set of skills, can help you navigate a lot of the information presented to the clinics by the EMR Vendors. 

We can help your clinic by working with you to develop a set of criteria, unique to your clinic, by which you will evaluate the various vendors.  The end goal is the selection of an EMR that will not only meet your needs today - but for years down the road. 

The TimeAcct SEMRT team is vendor neutral.  We are not here to get you to pick one EMR or another.  Each clinic has its own unique needs.  Are you a group of specialists?  GPs?  Do you deal mainly with walk in patients?  Do you do research?  How you practice and your individual needs should act as a guide to which EMR will work best for your clinic!  You selection process should consider many different aspects, such as vendor viability, the functionality of the software, the quality of the data extract/conversion, access to your data whenever you want it, support levels, contract clauses, etc.  TimeAcct will be there to help you sift through all the information provided by the vendors, offer advice and help you come up with a selection criteria that will help you make the best decision possible. 


Other reasons to choose the TimeAcct/SEMRT team to help you with your selection process?

We have Designed and Written an EMR from Scratch
This provides us with some unique insights as to how EMRs actually function and what their capabilities really are.  Other consulting firms that offer similar services cannot possibly match our indepth knowledge in this area.

Working in the EMR Community since 2003
TimeAcct has been working in the EMR industry in Canada since 2003.  We know all the vendors and their basic offerings. 

Staff who have worked for multiple EMR vendors
We have staff who have worked for two or three EMR vendors over the years.  We truly understand how they work and what they are capable of.

Vast experience with EMR data and moving from one EMR to another
We have been involved in moving many clinics from one EMR vendor to another over the years.  We have more experience with the data from more of the EMRs in Canada than anyone else.  When it comes to migrating to a new EMR, we are the experts and can provide you with guidance unequalled by anyone else!

Experience with implementing EMRs in a clinical setting
Our staff have implemented EMRs in multiple clinics, while working for previous EMR Vendors.  We understand what is involved and most of the issues you are going to run into.