SEMRT Data Extraction / Conversion Services

Moving your Data to your New EMR 

The SEMRT team has been helping clinics move their data to new EMRs since 2003.  We have moved more clinics between more EMR vendors, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, than anyone else in Canada! 

We use a Two Pass Conversion process that is the industry standard in Canada.  Our SEMRT process provides the clinic with additional data review possibilities over what the vendors provide, to ensure that the data is moved to our new EMR in the format and manner that you want - not just how the Vendor may want it. 

Support the the Two Pass Conversion process is our EMR data centric SEMRT Toolset, that allows us to extract data from any EMR in Canada and help you move it to the new EMR of your choice.  This tool set has been custom written with EMR Data in mind - it is not just a standard data Extract/Transform/Load tool that most other vendors use! 

In addition to an excellent toolset and a tried and true process, the SEMRT team has many years of experience (over 30) with EMR data.  We truly understand all the data issues you are going to run into during your migration to a new EMR.  Whether it is image formats not supported by your new vendor, text data stuck in unsupported/custom formats, encrypted data, etc. - you can be sure we have dealt with it!  No one has our level of knowledge and experience when it comes to your EMR data!!  

Choice of Government Agencies and Medical Associations across Canada
The SEMRT team has been the choice of government agencies such as Alberta's POSP, British Columbia's PITO, Nova Scotia's PHIM and Ontario's OntarioMD.  We have been consistantly chosen because we represent the clinic, not the vendors and we make the government and medical association problems go away.  In 2013 TimeAcct won the OntarioMD RFP to provide EMR data conversion services in the Province of Ontario, underwhich we still continue today to provide top quality EMR data extractions/conversions in Ontario. 

Pricing / Gaurantee
Our price is fixed price and guaranteed, unlike many other vendors.  We are interested in letting you know, not only what services we provide, but how much they cost up front.  Some vendors in Canada charge as much as $6,000 per doctor to do an extract - and they do not offer even close to the services or the data quality the SEMRT team provides.

We are so confident that you will find our pricing and our serivces to be excellent - to the point we offer a simple money back gaurantee.  If you are not happy with the quality of the data extraction at the point of completion of our test data reviews, we will provide you with a refund.  No one else in the industry in Canada provides that sort of offer!   

Additional EMR Data Related Services
In addition to our main data extract/conversion services, the SEMRT team offers a number of add on services that can help make your data conversion a better experience

Adding DINS to Medications & ICD9 to Problems
When your data is being moved from one EMR to another, it can be beneficial to have the data properly encoded.  It allows the receiving EMR to easily identify the exact medication and problem absolutely - rather than just trying to identifiy it by name.  For example, in some EMRs if there are no DINs associated with a prescription, then it needs to be corrected when the doctor goes to renew it.  This can lead to many mouse clicks and actually extend a visit by up to one to two minutes per medication.  AND - it has to be done for each prescription - not a medication.  So - just because you have corrected it for patient 'X' - you will still have to do it again for patient 'Y'.  The SEMRT team has a licensed Pharmacist on its team, who has his PhD and specializes in medication DINS.  Isn't it far better to have a trained pharmacist doing this - rather than just a programmer who has no real medical training at all?

Splitting Data by Doctor
There are times when a doctor may leave a clinic to practice elsewhere - or a clinic is splitting up for business reasons.  The SEMRT process has a very easy way of splitting up the data by doctor, providing each doctor with the data they are entitled to.  The clinic can customize this process by working with the SEMRT team to choose how to split unassigned patients. 

Combining Clinics
In most cases when EMR vendors combine two or more clinics that are coming together - it is a bit of a 'black' box type approach.  Clinic A is imported first - then Clinic B.  All of Clinic A's data is imported - and then the matching occurs for Clinic B's data.  The problem here is that the clinic has no say in how the matching occurs.  BUT they are responsible for cleaning up any errors that occur after they have gone live.  This can mean mismatched patients, duplicate patients, etc.   The SEMRT approach is much different.  When we go through the trial conversion, we provide the clinics involved with a simple program and dataset that allow them to easily see which patients are an absolute match, maybe duplicates, may cause mismatches, etc - and allow the clinic to choose how they want to deal with these patients before the combining of the data occurs.  This means that when the clinic goes live - all the duplicate and mismatched patient issues are already resolved. 


Why Choose SEMRT?
In case you needed some more reasons why you should consider our services - we have listed some of them here...