2016, July TimeAcct releases its new Ontario CDS Data Combiner Tool for FHTs, FHOs and Clinics
2015, Nov TimeAcct releases its new Alberta COPD Data Combiner Tool for Clinics and PCNs
2015, May TimeAcct releases Version 5 of its SEMRT Viewer & Archive Solution
2013, Dec TimeAcct releases Version 4 of its SEMRT Veiwer & Archive Solution
2013, July TimeAcct is chosen as the winner of OntarioMD's EMR Data Conversion RFP
2013, April TimeAcct is chosen as Nova Scotia's main EMR data conversion team
2012, Sep CPCSSN contracts TimeAcct to create a Purkinje Extract for their research projects
2012, Aug TimeAcct completes the largest single clinic EMR conversion in Canada
      Over 202,000 patients and 650 GB of data in a single clinic 
2011, Dec TimeAcct rebrands and launches it's SEMRT Services