Secure Electronic Medical Records Transfer

The most complete process for getting your data out of your current electronic medical record system and into your new one!

We specialize in EMR Data Extractions and Conversions.  The only company in Canada to do so!

We offer great service and help both the clinic and the vendors through the process.

The EMR Data Specialists!!

What We Provide

  1. A custom solution to EMR data conversion
  2. Superior Data Extraction from your current Electronic Medical Record system, in many cases better than what the vendors provide!. 
  3. A Two pass conversion - working with your new vendor
  4. Data Review - collaborative review of your current EMR data
  5. Export to Alberta's COPD or Ontario's CMS data formats, as well as other custom formats
  6. A simple guarantee - satisfaction with your trial's first pass data extraction or we will refund your deposit!


  1. Understanding of EMRs with 10+ years of experience solving data conversion challenges for vendors and clinics. Take a look at our process database. »
  2. Written an EMR from the ground up
  3. Collaborated with major EMR companies
  4. Developed the only process that can extract *ALL* the data from a Purkinje EMR.
  5. Extracted data from Purkinje, MDPS, Nightingale, PandP, Jonoke, HealthScreen, Rise, NMS, Wolf,  Clinicare, Regent and custom systems. Learn more »
  6. We understand the importance of standards and coded data.

Specific EMRs

  1. Purkinje - the most complete extraction possible (including the encrypted data). 
  2. Nation Medical Solutions - We wrote it and no one gets out more data than we do.
  3. Wolf, Clinicare, Oscar, Rise, YorkMed, MDPSS, Nightingale, Practimax, Jonoke, PandP, and others

EMR Archiving

  1. View archived data through our SEMRT Data View, never lose your old data again. A great solution for retiring doctors!
  2. Reduce paperwork and overhead by accessing, viewing and printing patient medical records from the SEMRT Viewer. 
  3. The only complete solution in Canada and a BETTER solution than PDF or continuing to use your existing EMR! 
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Testimonials (See More)

"TimeAcct Information Systems delivered! Bradley provided personal service in a timely manner.  His excellent communication and quick response to inquiries allowed my conversion to proceed smoothly and on time.  The viewer he provided allows me to search through old patient records to gather information in a way that I may not be able to do with my current EMR.  I highly recommend him."

Ken Florence, MD   Ontario

"Brad MacDonald is a knowledgeable, organized, efficient and extremely competent IT specialist.  He was a valuable asset to our team during our transition / conversion.  The service provided by Brad at TimeAcct exceeded our expectations."

Bev Schuster, Nurse/Administrator - Alberta

"Brad MacDonald / TimeAcct was instrumental in the migration of our database from NMS to Med-Access.  He was the only one who had the skills to take the NMS data and convert it to the TOPD format which allowed Med-Access to import the data into their software.  Brad went above and beyond government requirements and helped our clinic to extract custom fields that held crucial clinic information.  Brad was always patient and easy to deal with; never showing frustration when demands were put on him to improve the quality of the old data.  We are proud to say that we have a fully functional EMR system due to a very successful data migration!"

Lois Zver, Clinic Manager - Alberta