SEMRT Supported EMRs


Our extraction process can work with ANY EMR.  One advantage to our process is that we use an intermediate database to store the data - and then extract to the various government and vendor formats. 

We have experience with a wide range of EMRs such as PandP, Health Screen, Purkinje, Practice Solutions (Telus), Nightingale, Jonoke, NMS, Wolf (Telus), Practimax, Clinicare, Regent, Rise Health Suite, YorkMed, Osler, and others.  We are able to extract out the data from of all of these EMRs to our Extracted Database - and then output to various formats such as Alberta's COPD, Ontario CMS and other custom formats.

If you have an EMR that we do not currently extract from and you are looking to move to a new vendor - we would be happy to talk with you about how our process can assist you.

To learn more about our extractions from the various EMRs - simply click on one of the EMRs listed below:

Purkinje NMS   Clinicare
Wolf (Telus) Practimax   PandP
Rise HS YorkMed   HealthScreen
Clineo   Jonoke    Osler
Practice Solutions (Telus)   Nightingale    

Our Commitment
If you have data in an EMR system that you would like transferred - and your Target vendor is willing to work with us to get it in your new system - then we will work with you to get it extracted!