Visual Size Comparison

Being able to scan a drive and see where your space is being used is a very useful thing. However, most companies need to be able to do more. They need to be able to see how their disk space usage is changing so that they can predict what is going to happen in the future.

Disk Triage provides the ability to visually compare two scans that have been saved to database. It will show the user using color coded icons which directories have increased, decreased, been added or been removed. The comparison can also be done by Size, Files, Sub-Directories, etc.

As well as being able to compare the two directory trees - you can also compare each of the Analysis Categories. The user is able to quickly see how disk space usage has changed - by User, by extension, etc.

The screen shot below shows a comparison of the "C:\Docs" directory. Note that the directory has decreased in space usage by 8%. The red icon with the down arrow gives a clear indication that space usage has decreased.

Comparison of the Tree

The same comparison as above - except that now we are looking at it by File. Note that by File - it has increased. So the icon has turned Green.

View Tree Comparison by File

As well as being able to view the comparison by directory - you can also view it by each of the analysis categories. So you can view how the disk space usage has changed by File Owner, Extension, Size, etc.

Analysis Comparison