Save to Database

Disk Triage provides the ability to save the sizing information to a database for later use. It can be saved to the local database called Advantage Database - which Disk Triage has been using since version 6.0. Or it can be saved to your MS SQL Server instance. The screen capture below shows the standard save to database dialog used with Disk Triage. Here you are able to tell Disk Triage how many directory levels to save - and give it a description. The dialog is the same no matter which type of database you are accessing.

Save to database dialog DiskTriage - Save to Database Dialog

Once you have the data saved to the database you can reload that sizing into Disk Triage at any time. Note that it may take a while - but it is much faster than doing the sizing over again. One other nice feature about the database - is that it enables the use of Sizing Comparison and MultiScan Charting tools. Disk Triage supports both the Advantage and MSSQL databases. We will most likely be supporting other databases in the future - depending on Customer demand. In order to use the MS SQL server as your database you must configure Disk Triage so that it knows you want to do that - and provide information about the server instance you want to access.