Disk Triage offers some very powerful and flexible reporting capabilities. As you would expect from any enterprise level product - the program provides a powerful reporting engine with reports that you can customize to fit your needs.

The screen shot below shows the Report Options screen for the Tree View report. It is divided into three sections. The top section holds options for the particular report, the middle section contains export options, and the bottom section has the Edit and Run buttons.

Disk space report options screen

In the Expert edition - each report can be easily customized. When the "Edit Report" button is clicked - the Disk Triage Report Designer is shown - allowing the user to customize the report by changing which columns are shown, text in the report, graphics, etc. Your customizations can be used for just that run of the report, saved over the default or saved under a different name for later reuse. The following screen shot shows the report designer for the tree report. For a simple overview of the report designer - go to our Demos page and click on the tutorial.

Edit Reports - Customization

Each report has a print preview screen. From this screen you can view and search each page of the report. You can also save and print the report. In the screen shot below we have searched for the word "Source". Note that it has highlighted the found text in the report.

Report print preview