Quick & Customizable Sizing & Analysis

Disk Triage provides one of the fastest scanning engines available. Its robust scanning engine is capable of scanning hundreds of thousands of sub-directories and millions of files.

As well as speed - Disk Triage also allows the user to customize the parameters of the scan to include only the files that need to be scanned. In fact you create customized queries such as:

"Include all the file that have an MP3 extension - are over 5 MB in size - owned by 'John Doe' and are older than 2 weeks"

The first part of the customization is done on the basic screen. Here you can choose which File Specifications (ie. *.*) to include/exclude - as well as which directories to exclude. The following screen shot shows the Basic screen.

The second part of the customization is done on the Selection screen. Here you can tell Disk Triage to include files in the scan based on their Attributes, Age, Size, Owner, and Size of the File Name.

So with this feature you can scan disk space and only include files owned by a particular user - or that are older than 1 month - or whatever you want. It is a powerful feature that can help you deal with storage issues by narrowing down the data you have to review.