Powerful Treeview

Disk Triage uses an industrial strength Tree View for displaying the data that it gathers. It is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of directories and millions of files without missing a beat. Other utilities may have troubles when directory structures contain over 100,000 sub-directories - but not Disk Triage. We have yet to encounter a directory structure that it cannot handle!

The tree view contains the directory name, total size of the directory structure, actual size, wasted space, total number of files, total number of sub-directories, as well as the last date a file was last accessed, modified and created, simple activity statistics and more. You can choose which columns to view and which to hide - and Disk Triage will remember your settings for the next time you run the application.

As well as being very powerful, the tree view in Disk Triage is highly customizable. You can move columns simply by dragging and dropping them (see screen shot below) and sort the columns just by clicking on the headers. It is very easy to customize to meet your needs.

Moving a Column in the Tree
Directory Details

As well as the Directory Details - you can also view the NTFS Permissions and Novell Netware Rights for each directory. From the popup menu choose Toggle Directory Permissions/Rights - and the following Window will appear. In the screen shot below you can see the NTFS permissions in Windows 2000 format. You can also run reports on the permissions - including an option to see only directories that have different permissions than the one selected.

NTFS Permissions