Multi-Scan Charting (Trending)

Disk Triage is tool that can show you a snap shot of your disk space by scanning each directory. Each of these snap shots can be saved to disk. At any time using the Multi-Scan charting feature you can retrieve multiple scans from the database and create a line chart showing the changes in your disk space contents over time!

This ability to chart disk space usage over time provides invaluable information to those trying to manage their storage. It not only provides shows you what has happened in the past - but also provides the information to forecast what might happen in the future. Imaging being able to make sure you have the disk space you need before you run out of space. No more arguing or pleading for additional space - just show them the facts!

The following screen shot shows the form where you can select which directory to be charted. On this screen you can select the directory or analysis category that you want to create the line chart for.

The following screen shot shows the line chart for the selected directory. Note that both the chart and the details that make up the chart are shown on this form (and the report).