More Features

Directory/File Permissions

Gather and report on directory (and File) permissions.
Report on just the differences from the selected directory - allowing you to quickly see where users (and other admins) have changed the permissions granted at a higher level.

Batch Mode

Ability to run program in Batch mode (70+ parameters) using any scheduler system. This means that you could schedule the program to run during the night and then print (or email!) a report that would be waiting for you when you come in the next morning.

Windows Integration

A context sensitive menu option for Folders in Windows Explorer. This allows you to right click in Explorer on a folder and choose to 'Analyze Directory with Disk Triage'

Input Specifications

Ability to save/restore the input to a sizing for later reuse. You do not have to constantly configure each sizing.


Disk Triage provides a variety of report and exports facilities. Each Graph can be printed or exported to an image file. Each list can be printed or exported to Excel
Export gathered data to XML or database for later analysis
Each report can be printed or saved as PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, XHTML, GIF, JPG, BMP and WMF.

Directory Details

See a list of files in the directory that match the search criteria
View all Explorer information including file owner