File Search & Action

This feature of Disk Triage allows you to perform some common file management tasks. You search for a list of files - the search criteria is the same as your input specifications that you use to scan and analyze with Disk Triage. A list of files that match your criteria is built and displayed in the grid on the left hand side. There is a check box column where you can choose which files you want to take actions upon. The screen shot below shows a simple list of files with a few selected.

Main form for the File Search & Action feature

Once you have the list you can choose to take an action against them. The screen shot below shows the various actions that can be taken. When you choose an action - it displays a properties screen that allows you to further customize that action (such as choosing what directory to copy the files to, etc). If the action requires no further parameters, such as Delete and NTFS compress, the program uses the property screen as a confirmation dialog - so you don't accidentally take that particular action.

The NTFS compression action allows you to compress each file using Windows own NTFS compression routine. This means that the file is compressed 'in place' using the operating systems own APIs. Most LAN Administrators don't want to compress entire directories or drives - but would like to be able to compress certain file types such as BMP and others. Now you can!!

The Take Ownership action allows you to quickly assume ownership of files. This can be very helpful with certain regulatory and privacy concerns. As well - when a user leaves your company - you can quickly assume ownership of his/her files after you have dealt with them. The Custom action allows you to configure and run any custom action you want. This is done by providing a '&f' feature that represents the file name. So you could pass the file name to a batch command file that then does something with the file.