Consolidated Scannning

Most disk space utilities allow the user to scan a directory or a drive and provide the results. However, this does not provide the total picture that most companies need. They don't always need to know about an individual drive - but the total picture of the drive space on a Server or all the volumes of a SAN. Disk Triage provides the ability to get the total picture of a Server or SAN using its consolidated scanning feature. With this feature the user is able to combine the scans of separate drives and directories - providing a consolidated view of the drive space.

The scan can either be done all at once or it can be combined one at a time. Disk Triage not only combines the Trees of each scan - it combines the analysis information as well. So you can get the complete view of how a particular user or file extension, etc has been used over all the drive space scanned. In the following screen shot all the drives on a particular machine have scanned. Note that a new level in the tree has been created - and each of the drives have been placed as a sub-entry under the new level. You can then drill down into each of the drives.

Consolidated Scan Results for all drives on a machine