DiskTriage Benefits

Manage your disk space Pro-Actively - Not Re-Actively

Far too often, disk space issues are only dealt with when a problem arises. This is due to the lack of good disk space reporting tools. By using Disk Triage you can monitor Shared space on your network and know not only how much space is there, but in what directories it is being used and by whom. You can monitor disk usage and know when it is time to purchase additional disk drives - or just clean up existing ones. Convincing the finance department that you need more disks has never been easier - when you can show them a history of disk usage and that you are managing the space properly. Never let your users see a 'Out of Disk Space' message again!

Manage Space on Network Attached Storage Devices

There are various utilities that will install on NT/2K/XP servers and monitor disk space. However, they usually require that they are installed on that server. With various NAS and SAN solutions out there that may run on machines with Unix kernels - how do you monitor this disk space? You cannot install the server based products as they do not run on Unix based systems. The answer is DiskTriage. It provides all the features you need to size, analyze and manage your disk space. And it does it at a fraction of the cost of the high end server based disk monitoring utilities!

Discover the Who, What, Where and When of your disk space.

In today's world of expanding storage it is no longer enough to know that you have 'X' amount of disk space free. In order to properly manage your space you must also know in which directories/sub-directories that space is being used, by whom it is being used, what they are storing there and how old the files are. Disk Triage does this and much more. When you scan a directory you can gather detailed information about the files contained therein. This information is available for review in Disk Triage's Analysis tab, showing breakdowns by File size, attribute, date, time, owner, extension and registered file type. Also on this tab you can view the largest and oldest files in the sized directory structure. No other utility offers this capability!

Automate your Sizing and Analysis Tasks

One of the big issues with managing disk space is simply finding the time to do it. Most LAN administrators are busy dealing with servers, drivers, printers and users issues to spend a lot of time gathering the information and creating reports. Disk Triage has command line parameters that allow it to be scheduled and run in a 'Batch Mode'. This allows you, the LAN admin, to generate the reports on a daily or weekly basis and have them automatically printed or emailed. Thus they are able to provide management with the reports they require while concentrating on the work they enjoy.